LuckyDino Scam

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What We Found Out About the LuckyDino Scam Cases

With a lot of factors to consider, choosing an online casino is indeed confusing for players. Add in the increasing number of casinos online and players will surely have a hard time filtering their choices. Safety and fairness are the most considered characteristics towards casinos (and, usually the deal breakers). Of course, issues of casinos scamming players have always been present. Even if LuckyDino Casino has just been around for less than two (2) years, there have already been some started rumours. Are the LuckyDino scam rumours true? Find out below.

How did the rumours start?

As said earlier, no matter how young a casino is, players and other casinos find ways to jeopardise the name of such casinos, and LuckyDino is definitely not exempted from this fact. Players have accused LuckyDino Casino of rigging their games, voiding their bonuses and delaying their transactions. With these accusations, we tried our best to get to the bottom of these so that we may expose the truth.

Players failed to meet their wagering requirements

It is common for players to accuse a casino for denying their bonuses and payouts. This happens due to the fact that they do not comply with the casinos’ wagering requirements. We strongly believe that players should read about the wagering requirements of their bonuses so that there is no misunderstanding between the two parties.

Just like in the case of the LuckyDino scam issues, players were not scammed of their bonus privileges. They just did not meet the casino’s demands.

Players just had a bad day of gambling

Players usually blame casinos for rigging their games and we want to clarify that all of LuckyDino Casino’s games are fair. Their random number generators (RNGs) all provide equal probabilities, thus providing trustworthy gaming. All of the casino’s games are based on chance and luck, so if players are dreaded with bad luck, they might as well back off for the day, rather than creating LuckyDino scam rumours.

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